• Soothing & nourishing

  • Great for use in lotions for helping calm bruises and inflammation of the muscles and skin

  • Naturally balancing for the skin and soothing to the muscles

St Johns Wort (Hypericum) is well known for it’s many versatile uses. It has been used throughout history and is rooted in folklore to treat all sorts from various skin conditions, depression, menstrual cramps, anxiety and sleep disorders (folklore also refers to how it was used to help ward off evil spirits).

As an infused oil, it’s a very useful ingredient to add to creams and especially lotions.

Its natural calming properties make it useful in soothing bruises and swollen muscles and skin. it is also a popular ingredient added to anti-ageing creams. St Johns Wort Oil is generally produced in France. The hypericum buds and flowers are submerged in sunflower oil l for a number of days, then agitated by a pump and finally filtered to produce the macerated oil.